The Author

Hi! My name is Sarah MM; from Philippines. I’ve always had a passion for helping people to keep their teeth healthy & smile brighter, a huge interest in keeping fashion with ease, and an extreme love and compassion for dogs and other animals. Btw, in the photo above, I’m with my 5 year-old dog, Maggie. She’s a crossbreed of dachshund and terrier. She’s the sweetest but a bit camera shy.

My love for fashion was just like a frustration as I was so busy accomplishing my med & dent subjects and clinical requirements. So as soon as I finished college and passed the boards in 2015, I decided to start making everything that I love happen. And I am currently in the process.

The fashion style I’m currently obsessed with is what I call as comfy chic (my own version of effortless/laidback/streetstyle combined with class) and is inspired by western high street fashion.

And yes, teeth and smiles. I am a Dentist. I always get the surprised look from people. It might be a compliment or a judgement but who cares. I know, there are still some people who are afraid of the dentists. Either a child or an adult, they have this fear that they’ve developed from stories they hear or from their traumatic dental experience. That perception is what I’ve been trying to change and I’m glad how it actually helps. Don’t be afraid, we’re very friendly. Let dentists prevent you from pain and decay. Teeth and oral health are just as important as your body health & medical needs, and it makes an essential statement to your whole look as well. Please  don’t ever forget about your teeth.

 The Blog

The Passion Ease Queen is created in 2014 which is connected with a Loobook.nu account to share outfits that I wear. The word “passion”stands for my determination in Dental Medicine and the word “ease” defines my style when it comes to fashion. The blog’s domain name “passioneasesah” is the combination of my character passion and ease, and my nickname “Sah”.

This blog basically consists of my own art in my obsessions, inspirations, whereabouts, oral health-related works & updates, and all that I consider fun sharing about.


All photos in my styleposts are © passioneasesah.wordpress.com unless otherwise stated. All products used in this blog are paid and owned by me. Each blog posts are not sponsored unless otherwise stated.

The icons of the following charities: PAWS, SmileTrain, PBM, will link you directly to their official websites. I do not earn commissions or anything from any of these websites. I have been planning to volunteer to these charities, but since I can’t balance my time with my work and other stuff yet, I decided to display their shortcut links / icons here in my blog for the time being. I hope this can help spread awareness to whoever comes across my website. Thank you for understanding & helping people / animals in need.

Have a wonderful day, Royals!

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