Travel Meetup VI: Tripkada App Launch by FlipTrip | Event Experience

August 10, 2016

I was one of the bloggers who were invited through the Facebook Group called, Bloggers Association of The Philippines by Fliptrip for their Blogger Meetup 2016 event and, at the same time, for their new Mobile App, TRIPKADA, launch at Boteco Brasil at Rockwell Drive, Makati City. It was also my first time attending a blogger event so I didn’t know anyone in this event.

This was the background of the free Photobooth. All we did was we captured our own photos here using our cellphones, posted it on instagram with the hashtag, #TripkadaLaunch in the caption, and they printed each out.
So this was how I took my photo on the photobooth, kind of showing my ootn (outfit of the night): Tweed Blazer (Greenhills), Neutral Silk Top (Forever21), Statement Necklace (H&M), Wristwatch (Disney Store Hong Kong), Concept Designer Tote (Lacoste).

My essentials for attending a blog event (from left to right): Comfy flat shoes (yet stylish! From Sperry); Planner from Typo (something I can write on for notes); Pen; Calling cards (I learned this from other bloggers); Smart Phone (for quick shots / social media sharing); and a Bag from Lacoste (roomy enough for my stuff and other freebies)

Interiors of the Boteco Brasil Bar & Restaurant.


How the event looked like. Top & middle photos: Trivia Games hosted by some of the Fliptrip’s staff. Bottom photo: Freebies redemption area.

I and my cousin were hungry so we decided to order some food as dinner. Top: Strogonoff de Frango. Bottom: Salpicao. Salpicao is superb and it’s best served with rice.

Top: A very fun way to do their raffle. We’re asked to form a big wide circle, and one of their staff was asked to turn around multiple times, then whoever she walked into would get the prize. And yep, I did won a prize in the last round. Lucky me huh? 😁 Bottom: with my newly found blogger friends and prizes they got.

One of these two lovely new blogger friends has her blog here,  kindly check it out. And let me know in the comment section below if you did. 🙂

All of the freebies and prizes I got.

This was the prize I got from the raffle. A pair of cool swimwear from and 2 photo printouts

TripKada App Launch

What is Tripkada? TripKada is a mobile application created by Fliptrip. It allows people with the same travel interests to spend only a fraction of its cost by sharing trips to certain destinations throughout the country (Philippines). Not only you can save money but also you can meet lots of other travelers too.

The Tripkada App looks like this after you have downloaded it into your phone. Upper left photo: Log in / register page for Joiners (must log in through your facebook account). Upper right: Lists of available upcoming trips. Lower left: Settings page. Lower right: Profile page. I haven’t joined in any trips yet so my profiles is still blank as of now.

Thank you Fliptrip for such a wonderful opportunity and experience!


How about you? What was it like on your first blogger event attendance? Feel free to comment them down!


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